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       In India all epics and temples are constantly blend with wild animals and plants particularly snakes are exhibited from head to foot of God’s further adored with statues, pictures, Paintings and sculptures of five Headed cobr’s.being a culture of wisdom and science, i think all of them were taught to Us for one reason, one fact that is co- existence to “Respect Adore and Serve Nature” they struggle a lot to teach us, to build a culture that lives along with plants and animals treating them equally, but I fear that we have wrecked them unsuccessfully (Unmindfully Depleted the life supporting nature and provoked it against us)
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Clipping from the News Paper
      Several Local News papers & medias publishes News's on  Five Head snake Even  On 23-4 2010- Local Media (malai malar) & 24-4-2010 kalai kathir there was a media release in Erode, District Tamil. Nadu India, stating that a Person (photographer) living in kadamboor while returning after attending a program ffom near by tribal village on his way, stopped his bike on seeing a snake that displayed it’s hood with a the hissss as usual, and the person (RAMAN) with his cam shot a pic and returned home saw the pic in his computer and was shocked of seeing the 5 headed cobra and he captured the 5 head Snake  at once handled it to the forest department and the piety department is verifying the truth, Here is the picture and Clipping from the News Paper

    The whole city seemed to believe that this is a real snake. Being of Indian they have been exposed to the idea of the five headed snake god Nagaraja, and many have happily accepted that the snake in the photo is an earthly representation of the myth.

  Now lets Compare take a close look at the all images from Internets it is particularly egregious. The only clear thing in this image is the fact that it is obviously fake!


What’s that you say? 

let's Use our Brain 

Before u reply i give some more pictures of five headed cobra’s

       Now What’s that you say? Obviously Photo-shopped !!! Yeah, that’s exactly what I said. But, some people might argue, if you can get Two Headed Snakes, why not five headed snakes? Luckily that question is very easy to answer. Animals born with more than one head have a condition called polycephaly (literally “manyheads”) and polycephalic animals only come in two kinds; bicephalic(having two heads) or tricephalic (having three heads). Animals with more than three heads have not been found in this real world

       Searching for images of polycephalic snakes on my favorite search engine yields many images of two headed snakes, and if you look closely you will see that truly polycephalic snakes have morphology which supports the extra head/s. I think that a few images will clearly illustrate my point;these images wheres clearly show that the snakes have two distinct heads. There is no blurring or smudging of the scale the heads split.

Other images available on the media paper is a Photoshopped display  which claim {to be said as the photographers shot , is been copied (downloaded) }from internet to show a snake with five heads are just as blatantly false, the image is a particularly good fake, perhaps too good (pity about the thin strip of background just visible beneath each chin); And the image looks more like a child’s toy than anything else!
The Verdict? Five headed snake are rubbish, pls stir  the common sense
Some funny questions

if it is five head which brains command will it obey ?,

if it wants to move which way wil the body move in to the  right of left or ?

will it have to eat with its 5 mouths  5 preys ?,

will it hisss 5 times?

will it have a 5 pair?

pls it is said that  humans have 6 senses but now it is ? i ve  copied the details and photos from various posts and through search engine to clear to my smart intelligent

6 sensed local citizens thanks for my friends and the real stuff creators,

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Alleviating Rural Envenomation Crisis

Foremost Nonprofit
Envenomation (Snakebite) 

Every year 80,000 people are reported as victims of snakebite and  about 25,000 to 50,000 face agonizing death or permanently  maimed, snakebite is considered as a disease of poor farmer & agricultural workers the down trodden of tropical developing country like India…
The  Burden of Human suffering caused by snake bites has been greatly ignored for far too long in India, it remains one of the most Neglected of all tropical ‘Diseases’, Snakebite (Envenoming) is particularly a cruel misery inflicted on many of the most impoverished Rural communities,  Yet there is no other organized effort similar to "NATIONAL SNAKEBITE INITIATIVE” to Address & cope with the emergencies arising out of Snakes, Snake Attacks, Do’s & Don’s of Snakebites, Information on first aid,  Envenomation Treatment Trainings, Facilities, Studies & education, especially in Developing INDIA.
Every year 80,000 people are reported as victims of snakebite and about 25,000 to 50,000 people are reported as fatal victims of Snakebite mostly from the down trodden Rural communities of developing India who lack the financial backups & basic awareness thousands of snakebite victims die, or are permanently maimed & most of them DIE without access to awareness for treatment, proper medics & treatment in India...
Snakebite is of course a DISEASE of poor FARMER & AGRICULTURAL Workers

Notable achievement is wining Recognition AWARD from INDIAN YOUTH FUND- of Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation & UN-Habitat 
for launching  
in Erode District

NSI is India’s first recognized, foremost National level Award Winning Prime organized effort, Addressing the burden &  therapeutic black hole of a Neglected tropical Disease, to Alleviate suffering of Rural Crisis through awareness on Myths, Superstitions & false beliefs of Envenomation treatment, Public health outreach promoting safety &a first aid, medical training on Envenomation Clinical therapy & emergency management for medical professionals & health workers, education for  medical students, Human Snake Conflict mitigating  protocols to protect both H & W further conservation education & research of endangered & misunderstood Snake species changes in its venom patterns above all promoting, accessing & initiating all relevant forms & applied Studies that helps to alleviate the Envenomation crisis & Address the lack of Medical Skill, information, platform & any improved facility for the Neglected Tropical Disease…


The purpose & anticipated end result of this proposal: National Snakebite Initiative-The aim of the project is to protect & prevent deprived agricultural workers, rural children & other populace of high risk regions From Snake, Snake attack, Shock & Snakebite Emergency, & false beliefs & myths  on snakebite treatment further to Alleviate the sufferings caused by Envenomation (snake bite) by providing & promoting

  1. Snake bite Prevention & control through Human-Wildlife Conflict Management efforts,
  2.  Awareness Campaign on myths & fallacies concerning Snake & snakebite treatment,
  3. Snake safety Training Snake bite First Aid awareness, Primary Treatment Public Health promotional activities
  4. Primary first aid, Clinical training and Envenomation treatment training education to health workers, medical professionals, medical students & PHC-Centers.
  5. Snake Bite Emergency Ambulance services with Envenomation specification,
  6. Establishing Non Profit Envenomation Information, Treatment, Care, Study, and Training & Research Center for epidemiological & clinical research on Envenomation.
  7. Promoting & supporting Snake bite-related public health promotion activities & Community awareness grass root projects
  8. Rehabilitation & support for Rural Snake bite Victim
  9. Availability reliable data on Envenomation mortality through Historical survey & study on Envenomation 
  10. Access to & promoting Study & Research on geographical variation of snake venom & Promotion & Availability of Standard affordable Anti-venom...
      The total anticipated one year budget: 
National Snakebite Initiative (2014)21663-$-USD


        Social responsibility, Care for the society and Love for the livings was the prime humane thought among few youths which led them to form a small group in 1995 and helped the society in various paths, they worked with hunger and passion to serve the society, Which then took them to the honor of coming up with a Non-Profit, Non Religious Non Race organization that currently serves DIVERSIFIED LIVES in vain with its name “JEEVA KARUNYA TRUST” ensuring from its name ‘Grace and mercy to all living beings’…

        The vital mission of Jeeva karunya Trust is to  “Train and implement youth in sustainable development work promoting environmental, ecological and humanitarian values and importance” towards sustainable development through the empowerment, development and welfare of Tribes, Gypsies, Youth, Women, Children, Forest, Animal’s, Wildlife, Environment, Poor Backward Societies, S.H.G’s, Small Groups, and N.G.O’s. Based on full access with advancement in Arts, Crafts, Conservation, Research, Education, Employment, Medical, Media, Human Resources, Culture And Information Exchange…

Genesis of  NSI 

Social Development & Welfare:
Activities such as youth Skill Development, tribal, Child & women welfare, Livelihood & education programs are carried out beneath JEEVA KARUNYA TRUST as the parent organization,

1.      Youth skill development programs sports & Arts education & promotion,
2.      Tribal Livelihood trainings,
3.      Youth & Women Talent Search programs,
4.      Women Entrepreneurship & Skill Development trainings,
5.      Child & Women safety programs (Smart Positive Women)

Eco & Wildlife Development & Welfare:
Environmental & Wildlife conservation education & Research programs are carried out beneath GREEN CROSS INDIA an Eco & Wildlife Division that includes

1.      Human- Wildlife Conflict management & Emergency Rescue services,
2.      Eco literacy & Action Programs, Wildlife, Environmental, Sustainable organic
3.      Agriculture, & Renewable Energy   Conservation Based Seminars & Workshops,
4.      Ecotourism & Tribal Welfare camps, 
5.      Eco club Facilitations & awareness creation outreach programs,

Addressing the Neglected Tropical Disease:
The project is targeted to address the emergency, therapeutic black hole & total ignorance on the NTD throughout the country as there is no other organized efforts similar to ours to address & act on the same being the foremost initiative started in Erode District our services are extended to surrounded regions and gradually expanding geographically
1.      Rural Snake Safety Outreach & Campaign for Schools & colleges
2.      Snake Safety Training for & Women groups & Public Service Departments
3.      Snake Safety (Rescue) officer Employment Training for unemployed Tribal youth
4.      Historical Envenomation Survey, at Rural & Urban Resident 
5.      Epidemiologic Study on Envenomation, Research on Venom & Antivenom
6.      Envenomation Victim Rehabilitation Saving Rural & Urban snakebite victim
7.      Foremost Envenomation Research Publication
8.      Youth Motivational Award’s on Annual day program
9.      Fundraising Event for Alleviating Rural Envenomation Crisis
Yet there is no other organized effort similar to 
to Address & cope with the emergencies arising out of   Snakes, Snakebites, Snakebite treatment, Training & information especially in 
Developing INDIA…

Medical Documents however, say over 3 -4 times higher the data of Snakebite death rate and snake bite in India as 25,000 - 50,000

          Snakebite a Neglected Tropical Disease in 21st Century- Says: - World Health Organization...Early in 2009, snake-bite was finally included in the WHO’s list of Neglected tropical diseases confirming the experience in many parts of this region that snake-bite is a common occupational hazard of farmers, plantation workers and others, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths each year and many cases of chronic physical handicap

        Envenoming snakebite is largely a neglected threat to public health. It affects mainly the poor in deprived rural areas where health facilities and are limited and anti-venoms may be hard to obtain. Training of health staff in the management of envenoming is often neglected, despite good evidence that it improves outcome. Concerted action is needed to ensure supplies of effective antivenoms and to develop systems that deliver good quality health care to snake bite victims so that we can deal effectively with this problem, which causes severe disability, brings misery to families and which kills thousands of people.

        Total ignorance prevails about snakes and snakebite in India. Due to deep rooted superstitions many precious lives are lost and snakes are hounded and killed. Part of the problem is Common. People are usually not trained to deal with a snakebite emergency. Preparation, which includes knowing in advance about the basic knowledge about snakebite and how to get to the nearest hospital- could greatly reduce anxiety and lead to more effective care. The best solution is to educate people - disseminate information about snakes and snakebite - what are snakes, when and why do they bite, how to avoid getting bitten, what to do when bitten etc. as National Snakebite Initiative does to help to understand the Neglected Disease (Snakebite)           


The aim of the project is to educate, support, protect & prevent deprived agricultural workers, rural  populace, children Youth & Women from Snake, Snake attack Emergency, Shock & Snakebite, further to alleviate the sufferings caused by Envenomation (snake bite) by providing treatment based information support to the High risk rural areas & snake bite safety training animal control units at high risk & rural communities& Conduct & Promote Study & Research on the Same neglected disease &promote allied studies on the geographical variation of the pattern of Venom & invention of standard & affordable Antivenoms ...

·      Goal 1-  Alleviate the burden & mitigate the sufferings of the Envenomation, through
o   Rural Awareness & public health promotional Campaign Safety Outreach activities
o   Community-based surveys
o   Hospital-based Epidemiologic studies
o   Establishing standard & Historical data collection
o   Approaches to documenting snakebite cases
o   saving the Snakebite victims with rare & timely treatment based information
o   Establishing standard data collection approaches to documenting snakebite cases which is an important step that needs to be taken if future estimates of the problem around the nation

·      Goal 2-  Addressing the therapeutic black hole of Neglected tropical disease-Through
o   Envenomation treatment Training for Medical professionals, Medical Students & Health workers
o   Snakes Species Information & training programs
o   Promotion of Study, Education & Research
o   identification on effectiveness of antivenom with other geographically differed venom
o   Study & production of Affordable standard antivenom with improved protocol

·      Goal 3- Conservation & Protection of the endangered threatened species (snake) & it’s habitat,
o   Initiating & promoting applicable studies on the less known species & it’s biology
o   Study of the unaddressed & uncared Relocation tragedies of the rescued species
o   Study on geographic variation on species biology & Venom patterns
o   species Conservation through participatory governance & improved relocation strategies
o   Rescue & emergencies services to Prevent Human Snake Conflict
o   To Establish a H.E.R.P HErptology & Envenomation Research Platform 
o   Promoting Study & Education on allied to above defined objectives 

Procedures/Scope of Work

About the Project: National Snake bite initiative believes that the approach to achieve these objectives involve. Establishing programs to directly impact the problems of snakebite envenoming in specific Urban &rural locations & that can be achieved through

Activity -1 - (Outreach)
a.    Rural Snake Safety  Campaign
b.    Snake Safety Training
c.    Snake Rescue officer Employment

Activity -2 - (Research & Education)
a.    Envenomation Survey,
b.    Envenomation Study , Education, Training & research
c.    Envenomation Victim Rehabilitation

Activity -3 - (Sustainability & Reach out)
a.    Research Publication
b.    Youth Motivational Award’s
c.    Annual day program
d.    Fundraising Event
  b.             Outcome & Output

Over all Result & Outcome of the project 

·                Human animal conflict resolution at high risk regions -Rescue rehabilitation & relocation’s Targeted snakebite prevention and first aid promotion activities in specific settings and for high risk groups
·        Assembly and dissemination of available information on appropriate Medical treatment of snakebite, including development of consensus protocols, treatment guidelines and training materials
·        Co-ordination of epidemiological surveillance through the establishment of research networks in certain risky remote & rural areas and by deploying standardized recording, reporting and data analysis tools to enable reliable estimation of snakebite burden and resource needs;

Project Aims at:      

* Snake bite Prevention & Management efforts,
* Awareness Creation on myths & fallacies concerning treatment,
* Primary first aid training and education In Envenomation treatment to health workers 
* Snake Bite Emergency Ambulance services,
* Free Envenomation Treatment Care & Study Center  
* Basic epidemiological & clinical research
* Snake bite-related public health promotion activities & Community awareness projects
* Clinical training in snake bite treatment and Seminars, conferences about snake bite
* Injury rehabilitation for snake bite patients
* Access to & Availability of Standard Anti-venom...

Project Coordinator
Shyamala Mathavi +918508504251

Project Designed by
 Robin Bernard +919003633054.

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